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Where is the track located?

All three racetracks, No Problem Raceway (Drag Strip), Circuit Grand Bayou (Road Course) and The Beast (Mud Track), are located approximately 60 minutes from the New Orleans International Airport and approximately 40 minutes from our state capital in Baton Rouge.  The physical address of the racetrack is:

Raceway Court
Belle Rose, LA 70341

You may click on the icon below and enter your starting address to get direct direction to the track from your location:

What is the description of the track?

The Drag Strip is 4,000 Feet in Length and 60 Feet in Width with concrete barriers running the full length.  The asphalt pit area is comprised of more than 7 Acres. 

The current Road Course track is 1.8 miles in length and consists of 14 turns. While many consider it to be a technical track, drivers of all vehicle types and skill levels find the track both challenging and exciting.

What services are available at the track?

Concessions are sold at all sanctioned track days. Fuel is sold at the track during designated times.  A select number of RV spaces are available for rent, as well as a number open garage spaces for each event.  Camping and overnight stays are available for some events. Please contact Chris@ for more information on services, accommodations, etc.

Where can I find out about upcoming events as a driver or as a fan?

Drag Strip:
The drag strip SCHEDULE contains a full list of events for 2012.  Visit UPCOMING EVENTS to get more information on near-term events.

Road Course:
For information on the Road Racing Course, please view our event CALENDAR, which lists upcoming events, Club Member Days and more.  Fans are always welcome and entry fees vary depending on the event. Club Member Days are marked as GREEN and YELLOW Days, Events are marked as BLUE Days and the road course is CLOSED on RED colored Days. Specific information about each event or day on the calendar may be obtained by inquiring at

Are there lodging and restaurants near the track?

When making a reservation tell them you are visiting No Problem Raceway and Circuit Grand Bayou for a discounted rate. Click on their icon below for information.


There are several restaurants within a 15 minute drive and have the best in local cuisine. The Grapevine and Cafe Lafourche are just a couple of the choices. Feel free to ask any of our track officials for directions.

How do I get to drive my own car on the race track?

Road Course:
There are several ways in which a driver may drive his/her own car on the track.
The simplest and most convenient way is to become a Club Member. The primary benefit of a membership is the ability to come to the track at your convenience on more than 200 Member Days per year.  Click on the "Club Memberships" button in the left column above for more information.

An economical way to enjoy the track in your own vehicle is to come out for one of our Lapping Days which is held monthly or a Solo Time Trials event.  If you have a fully equipped race car then the Gulf Coast Racing Series is another option.  Each event has different entry fees, rules and regulations. Another way to enjoy our facilities is to rent the track for yourself or for your own group.  Full and Half Day Rental Rates are available.

Is it possible to rent a car to drive on the race track?

Drag Strip
Not at this time.

Road Course:
Yes.  We offer an Arrive-and-Drive Program to our Club Members and guests who have registered for track events. We currently offer Race prepared Porsche Boxsters for rent to qualified individuals.

How do I get professional instruction at the track?

Road Course:
here are numerous ways in which to improve your skills with the help of a professional instructor. The most extensive and comprehensive way is to take Gulf Coast Racing Schools’ 1-Day or 2-Day High Performance Driving Program.  Click on the "Racing Schools" heading in the left column above for more detailed information.

Instructors are also available for private, one-on-one training during Lapping Days and Private Track Rentals. The Porsche and BMW clubs also hold Drivers Education events at the track and provide Instructors at those events.

How do I participate in Racing events at the track?

Road Course:
Circuit Grand Bayou is home to the Gulf Coast Racing Series, 24 Hours of LeMons, Louisiana 500 and Grand Bayou Charity Challenge. The racing series is a "club level" program that hosts events once per month from September through March.

Future racers must first attend multiple Drivers Education (DE/Lapping Day) events at Circuit Grand Bayou and obtain a log book, which records experiences by an instructor/mentor. The instructor’s services are available to you at all open Lapping Days and Club DE events.

Should you decide to apply for a racing license, you must present your log book to one of the Stewards and attend another Lapping Day/DE Event where you can be observed for approval. Established road racers are welcomed as well. We honor competition licenses from NASA, SCCA, Porsche Club of America, BMW Club and many more. For more information on Racing, Car Classifications, Qualifications, Safety Requirements and more, visit our Racing Series page.

Are motorcycles and karts allowed on the race track?

Road Course:
Yes.  Check our Calendar for on our web site for motorcycle dates. Karts are allowed to run on Club Member days and during specific Lapping Days and during other events.

Are there any Employment Opportunities A

No Problem Raceway and Circuit Grand Bayou iare currently seeking qualified individuals to join our growing team. We are interviewing exceptional candidates in the field of marketing, sponsorships, sales, operations and more. Please send a resume and brief summary of experience to

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